East Kalimantan (IndonesianAbout this sound Kalimantan Timur) is a province of Indonesia. Its territory comprises the eastern portion of Borneo. It has a population of about 3.5 million,[1] and its capital is Samarinda.


East Kalimantan was once mostly covered by tropical rainforest. There are several kingdoms in East Kalimantan, including the Kingdom of Kutai (Hindu), Sultanate of Kutai ing Martadipura, and the Sultanate of Pasir. East Kalimantan region include Pasir, Kutai, Berau and also Karasikan (Buranun / pre-Sultanate of Sulu) claimed as conquered territory Suryanata Maharaja, the governor of Majapahit in the State Dipa (which is located in the Great Temple in Amuntai) until 1620 in the Sultanate of Banjar. Between the years 1620-1624, kingdoms in East Kalimantan turned into an area influence of the Sultanate of Sultan Alauddin Makassar, before the Bungaya agreement. According to the Hikayat Banjar, the Sultan of Makassar never borrowed land for trade covers an area east and southeast of Borneo to the Sultan Mustain Billah of Banjar when Kiai Martasura sent to Makassar and entered into an agreement with the Sultan Tallo I Mangngadaccinna Daeng I Ba'le 'Sultan Mahmud Karaeng Pattingalloang, which became Mangkubumi and principal advisor to the Sultan Muhammad Said, King of Gowa in 1638-1654 and also in-law of Sultan Hasanuddin, which will make the East Kalimantan region as a place to trade for the Sultanate of Makassar (Gowa-Tallo), since that began to arrive people from South Sulawesi. However, based on the agreement between the Sultanate of Banjar and the Dutch East India Company (VOC) in 1635, VOC help Banjar restore lands in East Kalimantan into spheres of influence of the Sultanate of Banjar. It is embodied in the Bungaya agreement, that the Sultanate of Makassar are not allowed to trade up to the east and the north Borneo



The majority ethnic group in East Kalimantan is the Javanese (30.24%) which is spread in almost all regions, especially the transmigration areas to urban areas. The second largest ethnic namely Bugis (20.81%), which occupy many coastal areas and urban areas. The third largest Ethnicity is Banjar (12.45%) were quite dominant in the city of Samarinda and Balikpapan. East Kalimantan is a major destination of origin of Java, Sulawesi and South Kalimantan.
In the fourth place is the Dayak (9.94%), which occupies the interior part of the province. Kutai (7.80%) which inhabit Kutai, East Kutai and Kutai Barat was fifth. In the sixth to ten consecutive namely Toraja (2.21%), Paser (1.89%), Sunda (1.57%), Madura (1.32%) and Auto Buton (1.25%) and other tribes from various regions in Indonesia.


People in East Kalimantan generally use the Indonesian language and the Banjar language. Distribution of East Kalimantan to the Banjar language because of the large number of overseas South Kalimantan Banjar ethnic origin so the language Banjar used as a daily language, especially in the city of Samarinda and Balikpapan. Speakers Javanese and Bugis language is also quite large in East Kalimantan for many migrants from Java and Sulawesi inhabiting East Kalimantan.
Other languages spoken people in East Kalimantan is Kutai, Paser language, language Tidung, Berau language, language Tunjung, Bahau language, the language and the language Modang Lundayeh.


East Kalimantan region comprising land area of 127,267.52 square kilometers and comprehensive ocean management 25 656 km², located between 113 ° 44 'and 119 ° 00' east longitude, and between 2 ° 33 'North latitude and 2 ° 25' South Latitude. With the development and regional divisions, East Kalimantan, which is the third largest province after Papua and Central Kalimantan, is divided into sevendistricts, three cities, 103 districts and 1,026 villages / kelurahan. Tujuh the district is the capital of Paser Land Grogot, Kutai Barat with capital Sendawar, Kukar with capital Tenggarong, Kutai Timur to the capital Sangatta, Berau with capital Tanjung Redeb, Penajam Penajam Paser Utara with capital and with capital Mahakam Ulu Long Bagun (a division of Kutai Barat). While the three Municipalities are Balikpapan, Samarinda, Bontang. East Kalimantan is one of the main gates in the eastern part of Indonesia. The area is also known as a storehouse of timber and mining has hundreds of rivers are scattered in almost all districts / cities and is the main means of transportation in addition to land transport, with the longest river Mahakam.Provinsi River East Kalimantan is located in the most eastern island of Borneo. Precisely this province is directly adjacent to the north of North Borneo, the Celebes Sea and the Makassar Strait in the east, South Kalimantan in the South, and West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan and Malaysia in the west. East Kalimantan mainland can not be separated from the hills are almost all districts. The number of lakes in the province is also quite a lot of about 18 pieces. Most lakes are located in the Kutai regency with the most extensive lake that is Lake Semayang and Melintang, each of which has an area of 13,000 ha and 11,000 ha.


East Kalimantan has a total area of 129,066.64 square kilometres (49,832.91 sq mi)[3] and is the second least densely populated province in Kalimantan.[4] The majority of the region shares a maritime border to the east with West Sulawesi and North Sulawesi; its coastline faces the Makassar Strait and the Celebes Sea. Its former northernmost region is now North Kalimantan; to its south, East Kalimantan borders the South Kalimantan province. The province bordered Sabah before the split, but still borders Sarawak.


Until 2012,East Kalimantan has ten regences and four citites.The Governir is Awang Faroek Ishak and the Vice fovernor is Mukmin Faisyal.


East Kalimatnan has a unique natural site,Labuan Cermin Lake at Biduk-biduk district."Cermin"means mirror in Bahasa and the lake was named so due to the clarity of the water.Its has tropical climate.The highest temperature reached 35 ° C and the lowest is 22 °C.

Preference :

Question :
1.) How is the government of East Kalimantan?
a.Ridwan Kamil
b.Alex Nurdin
c.Ishak Mekki
d.H.Sahbirin Noor
e.Awang Faruk Ishak

2.) What one of the uniqueness of East Kalimantan?
a.Danau Toba
b.Situ Bagendit
c.Dago Pakar
d.Labuan Cermin Lake

3.) What language do people use in East Kalimantan?
d.Indonesia and Banjar

4.) How many populations are there in East Kalimantan?
a.2 Million
b.3 Million
c.3.5 Million
d.1 Million
e.7.6 Milion

5.) What is the name of the famous kingdom residing in East Kalimantan?
a.Kingdom Kutai
b.Kingdom Tarumanegara
c.Kingdom Sriwijaya
d.Kingdom Kaling
e.Kingdom Kediri

Answer :


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