Selasa, 08 Agustus 2017

Dialogue With My Friend

In Class

Syahid   : "Hello,there.I am Syahid.May i know your name,please?"
Nafis     : "Sure,I am Nafis,I am from Bandung,what about you ?
Syahid   : "I am from Jakarta,and I am a student."
Nafis     : "Me too,so what your hobbies?"
Syahid   : "My hobbies is drawing and swimming,what about you?"
Nafis     : "My hobbies is a playing takraw ball.Hey,do you like                              playing a music?"
Syahid   : "Yes, i like playing a guitar and drumer,what about                              you,Nafis?"
Nafis     : "I like to playing a piano."
Syahid   : "Have you heard about Indonesian Independence Day?"
Nafis     : "Yes,and i wanna know about that."
Syahid   : "Ok.Let's go to the Library."

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

It's Me

Name   : Muhammad Aminuddin Syahidullah
Class    : X – Social
Absent : 12

It’s Me
All about Me

a...Hello,it’s me.I want introduce my self.I am Syahid.My full name is Muhammad Aminuddin Syahidullah.i was born at 22th On September 2001 in Bandung.When i was 5 years old,i am kindergarten at Zakaria School,it was very happy in there,i have a good friend,good teacher and many many all that.Playing a swing,a see saw,a slider and many things of that and i do to with my sibling,She a girl,but always playing wtih him.In Zakaria School,i was study with my favourite teacher ,She name is Bu Ane,She’s very good teacher for me i like him.

I graduated from kindergarten,i will always remember the times when in kindergarten.I also Elementary School at Zakaria School,When I was in first grade elementary school,I was seperated with my friends and my best teacher,i just could be silent until finally my firend name Faris he invited to playing ball and i was happy,i was friend with Sabiq,Rizki,Ilma,Faisal,Muslim and others.I continue to socialize playing together,studying with them until i can not remember the moment with them until finally,we also make a class farewell there,i will show stand up comedy with friends among other Musa,Rizky and Fathan.