Promotheus 2018

Bismillaah. Assalamu'aikum.. Hello Guys!! Today,I will show you my video about Riset Pekan Ilmiah or called Promotoheus 2018 in Senior High School 3 Bandung.

Enjoy it..

Little Red Ridding Hood

Assalamu'alaikum.. Hello..Guys This is my drama video about Little Red Riding Hood So,This video tells the story of a Little red riding hood that was assigned to give a to
bascet to grandmother, in the middle of the road that the child reap a lot of obstacles.

Enjoy it...

Edu Passion 2018

Bismillaah.. Assalamu'alaikum.. Hey.Guys! Welcome to our VLOG.

We will introduce the event that held in SMAN 3 Bandung is Edu Passion.In this event there will be a lot of universities came to our school to promote.

Enjoy it...

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Future Tense : Holiday

     Hi, so I will tell some of my experiences during the holidays, that time I will go with my friends up the mountain in bandung that is Pangandaran Mountain. We all go at 05.00 am take the angkot. we all talked about our experience while climbing mountains ever climbed. When we arrived at Pangandaran mountain we all went go to some stalls to buy a needed item.
After that, we will all climb the mountain with friends. We all have reached the peak of the mountain and there we all enjoy the scenery and feel very happy because with all our ability to strive to achieve the common goal. At that time for the first time we all enjoy the atmosphere and beautiful scenery.



East Kalimantan (IndonesianKalimantan Timur) is a province of Indonesia. Its territory comprises the eastern portion of Borneo. It has a population of about 3.5 million,[1] and its capital is Samarinda.
East Kalimantan was once mostly covered by tropical rainforest. There are several kingdoms in East Kalimantan, including the Kingdom of Kutai (Hindu), Sultanate of Kutai ing Martadipura, and the Sultanate of Pasir. East Kalimantan region include Pasir, Kutai, Berau and also Karasikan (Buranun / pre-Sultanate of Sulu) claimed as conquered territory Suryanata Maharaja, the governor of Majapahit in the State Dipa (which is located in the Great Temple in Amuntai) until 1620 in the Sultanate of Banjar. Between the years 1620-1624, kingdoms in East Kalimantan turned into an area influence of the Sultanate of Sultan Alauddin Makassar, before the Bungaya agreement. According to the Hikayat Banjar, the Sultan of Makassar never borrowed land for trade covers an area east a…