Short Stories ( The Zebra Storyteller)

Text Organizition Languanges Features Orientation A mouse was having a very thought time. She had no food for many days and made strenuous efforts get her food. All her efforts went in vain. She looked everywhere to find her food. As the days pass by, she became very thin. One day, the mouse found a basket with corns. She also noticed a tiny hole in the basket, which was sufficient enough to move her in. She easily moved inside the hole. Who ? The Mouse and the other Mouse
Where ? Basketball Court
Action verb Complication
Since she had no foods for many days, she ate a large amount of corn. Without realizing her, she continuously ate more and more corns. She realized very later that she ate a lot more than she actually required. After eating a whole lot of corn, she became very fat!
Satisfied with corns, the fat mouse tried to come out of the basket through the small hole. Unfortunately, the tiny hole could not accommodate the big mouse!!!! The mouse started screaming ‘Oh god! Let me come out, h…

Story of SLBT (Student's Leadership Basic Training)

SLBT (Student's Leadership Basic Training)
    Thursday,20 Septemver 2017,Me and my classmates doing SLBT activities in the morning in Pussenif (Yudha Wasthu Pramukha).The four of us (Fajar,Ray,Bagas and Me)left at 7 a.m.We were all late for the event because we all stray did'nt know the way.Finally,we all arrive and we see them all lined up in the pussenif field,We rushed to the field, there we all divided into 10 classes there are A, B, C, D for men's class and E, F, G, H, I, J for the women's class.Four of us go into class D.Me and my friends line up in the the field pussenif approximately for 1 hour.after that, we were all ordered to go to the hall the name is Graha Wastu Pramukha.In there,we all mention jargon-jargon from our coach and we are all excited by the jargon of our coaches.

In there too,we are watching movie,the movie name  is "Profile  Infanteri",that movie so so excited.And then we all eat together and we are told by the osis to sing a song …

Amazing Place (Natural Bridge)

Natural Bridge in Virginia

Has been called from its natural name, which means natural or formed by nature itself.Natural Bridge is a geological formation in Rockbridge County, Virginia, comprising a 215-foot-high (66 m) natural arch with a span of 90 feet (27 m).It is situated within a gorge carved from the surrounding mountainous limestone terrain by Cedar Creek, a small tributary of the James River.Natural Bridge is the remains of the roof of a cave or tunnel through which the Cedar Creek once flowed.

Natural bridge has been designated a virginia Historic Landmark,Since 2016,the bridge and its surroundings have been managed by the Commonwealth of Virginia as Natural Bridge State Park.

The Natural Bridge was the remnant of an underground river tunnel that diverted water to the south . Initially, the underground river starts capturing water from the Poague Run about two miles (3.2 km) to the north, contributing to enlarge the incipient Cedar Creek drainage basin. Over time, through weath…



M.A.Syahidullah.A (12)
 Asti Saktina (2)
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Funny Moments
Possible disagreement I attended an event World Tournamnet at high school there was a cabaret training for a night performance at the enlivening of independence. At that time I trained with my friend from Monday to Friday. There were Fajar, Togar, Ilham, Bagas Fatir, Abi, Aang And many more.
We are excited to practice together in 5 days, a tiring day ... there we are trained by a cabaret expert named Gilang, he is a pretty good and perfect person, Gilang teaches us all how we can express ourselves on the stage, To improvise, to be brave while on the stage and many more values ​​that Gilang convey to us. The first day we all practice as usual, can still joke, laugh.
Usually we practice from 4 pm to 9 pm . Until the day before we performed, we all made a property from painting, making a weapon, until we finally finished on the 9 pm.At day H arrived we were excited and frightened.But when we all appeared, Alhamdulillah .. we look perfect and we managed to make the audience…

Dialogue My Plan

Reyhan : "Hey,Syahid.How are you today?" Syahid  : "Oh..hey,Reyhan.I'm good,thank you.How about you?" Reyhan : "I'm fine,thanks." Syahid  : "By the way,It will be a long weekend soon.Do you have any plans?" Reyhan : "Hmm....maybe I will go to the mountain." Syahid  : "Oh..that nice.Why do you have a plan to go to the mountain?" Reyhan : "Because,the mountain is a place where we can enjoy the nature,feel nature,see the beatuy of the nature and other.What about you?" Syahid  : "Maybe,i think i might stay at home,how will you do it in the mountain?" Reyhan : "I will make a campfire and hunter some animals." Syahid  : "When will you do it?" Reyhan : "I'll do when the holidays arrive." Syahid  : "Waw..that good.With whom will you do it?" Reyhan : "I'll do it with my family." Syahid  : "That's good,I like what you plan...Ok,see yo…

Dialogue With My Friend

In Class
Syahid   : "Hello,there.I am Syahid.May i know your name,please?" Nafis     : "Sure,I am Nafis,I am from Bandung,what about you ? Syahid   : "I am from Jakarta,and I am a student."
Nafis     : "Me too,so what your hobbies?"
Syahid   : "My hobbies is drawing and swimming,what about you?"
Nafis     : "My hobbies is a playing takraw ball.Hey,do you like                              playing a music?"
Syahid   : "Yes, i like playing a guitar and drumer,what about                              you,Nafis?"
Nafis     : "I like to playing a piano."
Syahid   : "Have you heard about Indonesian Independence Day?"
Nafis     : "Yes,and i wanna know about that."
Syahid   : "Ok.Let's go to the Library."